Books have always played an important role in the cultural life of any society. They broaden our outloo develop our taste, give us useful information. At the same time books are the source of knowledge, means i self-education.

Libraries are necessary4frtbjeHfe_pf_pjeople. We need a lot of information, but we can’t buy all the books w| want to read. That’s why we take books from libraries.

There are different kinds of libraries: public, children’s, school’s, technical and home. The largest libraries ij the world are the Lenin Library in Moscow, which has 30 million of books; Library of the British Museum, it ha; 7 million of books; and; the Library of the National Congress in Washington, it has 35 million of books.

I usually go to our school library. I know that library has its own order. Our library is rich in hnr sneives you can see novels, poems, iables, tales, plays and stories. You can also find different textbooks] books, encyclopedias,

dictionaries, atlases for senior pupils of our school and picture-books for junior j

Our library has a reading-room where the pupils and teachers can work with books. You can find ii magazines and newspapers too. Our librarian has reader’s cards on her table.

She always gives books] home and readers should bring them back in time. She recommends, helps, prompts what book to rea pupils can choose interesting books to their tastes: fiction, adventure or detective stories, biographies, novels, memories, science fiction etc.

On the wall of the library you can see reader’s rules, which our children know very well, portraits < writers. pupils also know how the catalogue is used_at our library you have a chance to see interesj useful exhibitions of new books on different subjects,_every day you can see a lot of people at our libij i have a library at home too, because all the family is fond of reading.


1 .What kinds of libraries do you know? 2.Do you often go to the library? 3.Which are the largest libraries in the world?

4.Why do people go to the library? 5.Have you a library at home? 6. Who is your favourite writer? 7.What books can you see on the shelves library? 8.Who gives you books at the library?

9.Do you know the reader’s rules? 10. Which books do you prefer to read?

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