Білет № 12 Відповіді на білети. Англійська мова

Ви зустріли свого товариша, якого давно не бачили. поділіться з ним своїми планами на майбутнє. Each of us has to make a very important decision at the age of 17 or 18 – to choose our profession. But the task is really very hard to fulfil because at this age we lack life experience, we are not quite aware yet about our inclinations and gifts.

That is why it is very important to have somebody to give us some advice and instructions. Such people are, first of all, our parents and teachers, that is those people who know us best. As far as I am concerned I dwelt my choice on teaching English, when I was in the tenth form.

The choice was not so difficult to make because on the one hand, I had been fond of English since the time I began to learn it first, and on the other hand, I liked to take can of younger children, to play with them, to read to them and to be in charge of them whenever I was

asked to.

It goes without saying that English was my favorite subject and I was always good at it. To prepare home-tasks in English, to answer in class, to speak English to our teacher was a real pleasure to me. But I enjoyed most to listen to tapes in our sound laboratory which was well equipped. I shall remember my first experience of communication with native speakers as long as I live.

It was a few years ago, when I studied in the ninth form. A delegation of some schoolchildren from Cincinnati, the USA to be more exact, came to our school, I was beside myself with happiness when I saw that they understood my English. It was then that it became clear to me that I should do my best to improve my programs broadcast in English, which was a good example to follow.

I am sure that I’ll never regret my choice.

To fulfil – виконувати aware – знати lack – нестача обдарування inclinations and gifts – схильності

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Білет № 12 Відповіді на білети. Англійська мова