Білет № 6 Відповіді на білети. Англійська мова

Ви знайшли у школі мобільний телефон поінформуйте своїх товаришів, яку річ Ви знайшли, розкажіть, де і коли Ви знайшли її, опишіть знахідку.

The proverb says, “All is well that ends well”. I think the story I’ll tell you is usual one but not all stories have such happy end. In our class nearly all children have got cell phones. They can’t imagine their life without them.

They send SMS, play games, listen to music. Sometimes my classmates do such things during the lessons. Our teachers are very angry when see that we are busy with reading SMS instead writing exercises. But more often children lose their cell phones everywhere. One day I found a nice red cell phone in the hall of our school.

It was expensive, with camera and CD.

At first I decided to write an advertisement. I went to the classroom and asked my friends to help me to write it. Then, we put it on the wall near the entrance. But nobody came to me.

What’s the matter? I decided to go home. In the school yard I saw a small girl from the first form.

She was crying. I pitied her and asked why she so unhappy. The girl told me that she lost the cell phone of her mother.

She took it without permission and now didn’t know what to do. She described it and I understood that it was her cell phone. My teacher always says, “Actions speak louder than words”.

Cell phones – мобільні телефони expensive – дорогий imagine – уявляти entrance – вхід

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Білет № 6 Відповіді на білети. Англійська мова