Британская кухня – British cuisine

Traditional British cuisine includes fish and chips, roast beef, steak, mash, and probably famous pudding. Certainly we may find different kinds of food in any restaurant in England, but these are the popular I guess because many Englishmen, answering the question about their gastronomy stereotype, will name these things.

A real British cuisine distinguishes itself either due to its high quality and high prices (for example in such restaurants as Wiltons or Green’s), or is not so expensive if you are satisfied with Bangers &;; Mash (can be found in any “Caffs”). A lot of bistros, snack bars, and even pubs provide us with sandwiches as well as dishes of the European cuisine.

Small cosy restaurants became more popular than big ones, which are decorated by the fashionable designers. And one more thing is pubs where the traditions of them are combined with modern – the British cuisine nowadays. The day starts with affordable lunch in the best restaurants.

You may have a snack in Fast Food Shops, where you will find pizza and hamburgers and it is also available in some small fast-food bars. If you have a wish, you may make a culinary voyage in London. Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, American cuisine, and even African cuisine are represented in the restaurants of London.

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Британская кухня – British cuisine