Much credit in the development of Ukrainian science is due to M. Ostrohradsky (mathematics), O. Bodyansky (linguistics), V. Antonovich (history), V. Obraztsov, M. Strazhenko, V. Filatov (various branches of medicine). The creation of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in 1918 – was an event of historical importance. Among its founding members were Volodymyr Vernadsky, a famous 2th century scientist and naturalist, noted historians M. Hrushevsky and D. Bahaliy, geologist P. Tutkovsky; mechanics expert S. Tymoshenko; lawyer M. Vasylenko and many others.

Ukrainian scientists developed the theory and mastered the highly productive hiden-are welding technique, laid the foundation of molecular spectroscopy, electronic chemistry, the theory of electrolytes, etc. In fact, they make a valuable contribution in our science. The Academy of Science of Ukraine includes, nowadays, many outstanding scientists, research workers famous for their important discoveries and inventions.


success has been achieved by Yev. Paton Research Institute of Electric Welding, the Research Institute of Cybernetics, Superhard Materials, and others.

Yevhen Paton and his son Boris, who is the President of National Academy of Sciences today, are known all over the world as scientists in the field of electric welding.

Ukraine has made a great contribution to the exploration of outer space. We take pride in Serhiy Korolyov, a noted space designer, who was born in Ukraine.

Ukraine has an ancient history. It has its own original culture and arts. The rich culture of the Ukrainian people has its roots deep in the centuries past, when people first learned to dance and compose songs in which man’s craving for freedom and happiness was Lauded.

This culture has made a great contribution to the treasure trove of world creative talent.

Oyer the last years people of Ukraine display a keen interest in the Ukrainian history and cultural and artistic heritage. Many names and masterpieces have been revived. There is a new approach to the development of culture, arts, languages.


Ukrainian is heard on many theatrical stages across the world, brought there by touring drama companies and folk groups from Ukraine.

Word List

Due to – завдяки creation – творити, утворювати an event of historical importance – подія, яка має історичну вагу founding members – засновники to master the highly productive hiden-are – welding technique – запроваджувати високопродуктивне зварювання під шаром флюсу craving for freedom and happiness – пристрасне бажання волі (свободи) та щастя treasure trove – духовні цінності melodious – мелодійний, ніжний, співучий

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