Exotic animals

Some people prefer to keep exotic animals instead of traditional cats and dogs. Well, tastes differ! But anyway, it does not matter what living beings people care for.

What really matters is love you give to your pet. Exotic pets can be of two types: mammals and not mammals. As for exotic mammals they are mostly various kinds of monkeys. They are really funny. Personally I would prefer to keep a small kind of monkey that I can place on my hand.

Non mammals are more popular among lovers of exotic pets, I think. The only non mammal that I will never want to keep is a snake.

These creatures are pretty interesting and even beautiful. I will never agree to spend a night in a house (flat) where snakes are kept. But one must be a real professional to keep snakes at home. If you are not careful with snakes, they can bite you or escape from the animal case.

Hopefully none of my neighbours keeps snakes. Otherwise I will not feel safe in my place. But more than snakes many people hate spiders.

I cannot say that spiders appeal to me, but I do not scream when I see a spider and even can hold it in hands. Still I find big hairy spiders rather interesting creatures. I read somewhere that there exist several hundreds of kinds of cockroaches.

Of course, those cockroaches that sometimes appear in our flats are horrible, because they spread diseases. Cockroaches can have different sizes. Some cockroaches can be bigger than mice. These giants live in faraway countries with warm climate. The insects are rather rare and cost several hundred dollars, and people do buy them.

It would be a petty to step on such a beauty. What I really would love to keep is a frog or several frogs! I consider frogs to be very beautiful creatures.

Besides they have different voices that are sweet music to my ear. It is not always possible to hear birds singing in the morning in cities, so why not listen to frogs singing?!

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Exotic animals