Flying to the Sun

Daedalus was a brighfman. He was full of ideas on how to build and make new things. His king asked him to build a life-sized maze.

The king put people inside the maze, hoping they would never find their way out. But some people did find their way out of maze. The king believed that Daedalus had told them how.

So he put Daedalus and his sun Icarus into the maze to see if they could find their way out.

The father and son walked and walked in the maze. Before long they hit a dead t end. They tried again, and again they hit a dead end. “Are we stuck in here for the rest of our lives?” cried Icarus. Daedalus raised his eyes to the blue sky above. “I am thinking of a way to escape,” he said. “We might be stopped by land or water.

But the air and the sky are free. The only way out of here is up. Son, we must fly out!” ” But we are not birds,” said Icarus. “How can we fly?”

Daedalus worked out a plan.

Each day, they caught a bird. They took two feathers from each bird. That way the bird could still fly. Day by day the pile of feathers grew.

Together the father and son used the feathers to make wings. They got some wax from the bees that made their home in the maze. They stuck the wings together with the wax. Soon, they tried out their new wings. “This is great!” called the boy as he flew low to the ground. “We are like the birds!”

“Be careful!” called back Daedalus to his son.” We can’t fly close to the sun. The heat from the sun will melt the wax, and our wings will fall apart.”

But like many young people, Icarus did not listen to his father. Each day, he flew a little higher. The wings stayed in place. “See, Father!” laughed Icarus.” I am flying close to the sun, and everything is fine!” At last, the day came to fly out of the maze and away to a safe place. “I warn you!” said Daedalus as he rose toward the sky. “Do not fly so close to the sun!”

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Flying to the Sun