Город или деревня – что лучше? – What is better – the city or the countryside?

There are a lot of different opinions about living in the country. Most citizens even can’t imagine how people live in the country without heating, hot water, television. On the other hand there are many people who live there all their life and can’t imagine living in the city.

In my opinion the village is the best place for living.

To begin with pollution. There are no factories or plants in the country, a few cars and domestic waste. What is more, there are big forests around the villages, which clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen.

As a consequence the sky is blue in thevillage, the water is clean and limpid, fruit and vegetables are ecologically clean. It influences people’s health in a friendly way, to say nothing of quietness. When you are in the

Village you can hear only birds singing and leaves rustling and see only green and blue. There are no car’s horns or loud music from the clubs and people can

enjoy the nature.

On the other hand there aren’t any entertainments in the country. In most villages people even don’t have a television. Young people can’t go anywhere for dancing, there is nothing to do in the evening.

Moreover there is often no light and people have to go to bed very early. There is often the only school for several villages and children have to get up very early and go very far. And the roads in the country leave much to be desired.

But I think this isn’t very serious. Going to bed early is useful for health. If children go to bed early they can get up early and not to be late to school.

Young people can organize the club and dance there. If there isn’t light they can use candles. And the most important fact, from my point of view, is that for lack of television and other entertainments people in the village have much more time for talking to each other than citizens do.

I’m not sure about other people, but as for me I’d like to live in the country.

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Город или деревня – что лучше? – What is better – the city or the countryside?