Let me introduce myself

My name is Tatyana. My surname is Petrova. I’m 17 years old. I live in a big city.

My family isn’t large. I live together with my parents and my little brother. I look like my father.

My appearance isn’t very unusual. I have brown eyes and short brown hair. My lips are red and a little plump.

My cheeks are pink. I like my face and my figure. I’m fit because I’m going in for sports.

I play tennis and I also swim in a swimming-pool. I like walking too.

I have many friends, because I have a good character. I’m cheerful and I like jokes and different entertainments. But of course I can be serious when it is necessary.

I like music and books. In the evenings I often go to a dance club with my friends. We also go to the movies to watch a new thriller or a comedy.

Or I can stay at home and read an interesting book. I have a computer at home and sometimes I play computer games. I use my computer while doing my homework too.

Now I’m leaving the school. I have to decide what I am going to do in the future. It is not very easy because I’m interested in various things – art, sport, science, medicine.

I think I’ll manage to choose a good profession and my life will be interesting and bright.

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Let me introduce myself