New York

New York is one the largest city not only of the USA but of the whole world. It is situated in the north-east f the USA in the state of New York. The city is rather young, it was founded in 1626 by Dutch settlers, who ought Manhattan Island from the Indians for 24 dollars and a barrel of rum. New Amsterdam was the first ame of the city.

After the English had taken over the city in 1664 it was renamed New York after the Duke of rork, who was the commander of the English Army. During the War of Independence New York was an nportant political centre and from 1785 till 1790 it was the capital of the USA.

New York is the city of islands, it consists of 3 islands: Manhattan, Staten and Long Island. The total area of le City New York is nearly 900 square kilometres. The city is washed by the Hudson, the Harlem and the East ivers, New York Bay, an arm of the Atlantic Ocean.

So you can get to New York by air or bysea. The city has even airports serving international and domestic

lines. New York is the chief port of the USA, it is the major ansportation centre.

New York is the most populous city in the United States. Its population with the population of its suburbs mounts 16 million people. It is a multinational city and the inhabitants of the city speak 75 different languages, mong the inhabitants of New York one can see people of almost all nationalities.

New York consists of 5 boroughs: the Bronx, Brooklin, Queens, Richmond and Manhattan. Manhattan is in le heart of the city, on its territory there is Harlem with its Negro population, Spanish Harlem with Puerto-Licans, Chinatown with nearly 8000 Chinese, Jewish quarter.

New York, the largest city and richest port, is a national leader in business, finance, communications, service idustries, fashion and the arts. The traveller who visits New York for the first time wonders at its modern architecture. You can see onderful St.

Patrick’s Cathedral, the Statue of Liberty, Sherman Statue, monuments to Symon Bolivar, Taras ihevchenko, Alexander Pushkin and others. First New York is a city of banks. Wall street

in Manhattan is the financial heart of the country. Many banks the oldest of which is the Bank of New York), business offices and the world famous New York Stock Exchange vhich symbolizes the money market of the USA are situated there.

Near Wall street there is the sea plane base or businessmen who can fly to work every day.

New York has 4 Universities: New York University, New York City College, Fordhem’s University, and the Columbia University. The New York Public Library is the second largest library after the Library of Congress in Vashington.

Speaking about New York one can’t but mention the outstanding role the city plays in the cultural life of the ountry. New York has many museums and art galleries, which have collected works of art of many peoples and of all times. The best known of the more than 30 museums of the city is the Metropolitan Museum of Arts.

It is the largest museum in the Western hemisphere. Its magnificent collection of European and American painting contains the works of many great masters. It also includes musical instruments, costumes, decorative arts, tapestries. The second best known Museum of Modem Art exhibits drawings, films dating from 1880’s to the present day. New York Coliseum is the famous exhibition hall.

The Solomon Guggenheim Museum, the Whitney Museum of Arts attract many visitors; they specialize in modern painting, sculpture and graphic arts.

The theatres and movies of New York are located mostly on Manhattan. The new cultural centre in the city is the Lincoln Centre which was built in 1960s, it includes now the Metropolitan Opera, the Philharmonic Hall and the New School of Music, the New York State Theatre.

Tourists like to visit Washington Square with its Washington Arch. Downtown area around Washington Square is called Greenwich, where many famous artists and writers used to live.

The famous Statue of Liberty, located on the harbour, was a present from France in 1886 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of American independence. The statue is made of copper. Inside the statue there is an elevator and a stairway from the base to crown. The figure shows a young woman, she holds a torch in her right hand above her head, and in her left hand there is a tablet with the date “July 4th, 1776”, symbolizing the Declaration of Independence.

The torch lights up at night. The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of American democracy.

The United Nation Organization secretariat occupies the thirty-nine storey sky-scraper. It is an international organization. It was formed after the Second World War, and its aim is to keep peace all over. the world.

New York is a city of sky-scrapers. The land of the city costs much, so it is used for tall office buildings. There are air-tubes underground which connect the large post-offices and through which letters are sent at a great speed.

One of the highest buildings of New York is the Empire State Building. It is a 102 storey building which was built in 1931 and financed by the philanthropist and very rich man D. Rockfeller. It was called “the sky-scraper’s king”.

It includes 2 observatories. As for the World Rockfeller Trade Centre it is the complex of the tallest building of New York. The twin-towers having 110 floors were opened in 1972.

The Centre has its own restaurants, theatres, stores.

There are 60 bridges and 4 tunnels in the city, which connect the boroughs to each other.

New York is one of the leading manufacturing centres. The most important industries are light, printing, chemicals, machine-building, etc. Broadway is the longest avenue of New York, it stretches nearly 29 kilometres long. It is the place of famous theatres, cafes, restaurants, hotels and shops.

The brilliant illuminations at night make this section known as the “Great White Way”. It is the part of the city that never goes to sleep. Buses and subway trains run all night.

Restaurants and movies never close their doors.

Madison Avenue is a street where the offices of many firms are concentrated. The 5th and the 7th avenues symbolize the women’s fashion industry of New York. Manhattan is crossed from north to south by avenues and from east to west by streets.

The avenues and streets are numbered.

The city has very busy traffic. The streets and highways are full of cars and buses. The Niagara Falls are situated between New York and Chicago.

The Niagara river gives electric power. More than a million horse power is produced now by the Niagara for local use and is sent to cities and towns in New York state.

New York underground is called “subway”. The city has Yankee stadium. Madison Square Garden has been the centre of boxing, hockey and basketball events. The Central Park is the only green place in New York where people can have a rest. It’s a huge park, its construction took 16 years, and it was completed in 1873.It is occupied by mothers, children and tourists.

The nickname of New York is Big Apple. The origin of this name is unknown, but it is popular all over the world.

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New York