О фильмах – About films

Each year, remove a number of different films; they are of different genres and directions. But people aspire to look not only novelties, but also enjoy viewing of old films. At the history lessons the teacher told us that the first film have removed in 1895, it was interesting to learn that this film proceeded nearby fifty seconds, and besides were mute.

But thought not all like to look old films some prefer comedies, some prefer horrors and thrillers, some prefer historical films. I consider that it is necessary to look both old and new films, after all in films is reflected character of this or that time. EspeciallyI love the films which have been removed on products of great writers, for example “War and peace” of known Russian writer Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy. After all thanks to such films it is possible better to understand customs and life of people lived in the different periods of time.

Still I love comedies very much especially “Bruce all-powerful”, with pleasure I look an old film “Caucasian captive” 1967, I do not love heavy films and films with violence, but with interest I look a film “the Perfumer. History of one murderer”.

I and my friends like visiting cinema very much. We gather and look films. The last time we looked the film “Avatar” very fascinating and impressing film.

I were happy, if we and further observed this tradition. It seems to me that the film is better perceived on the big screen, rather than in the TV screen. It would be better if the old soviet films were show in cinemas more often.

After all if to look, cinemas are visited basically by young generation and so and senior could relax, recollect a youth.

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О фильмах – About films