Она держит руку на пульсе планеты – She Feels the Global Life

I would like to tell you about my great-grandmother. She is an unusual woman. Her name is Vera Andreevna.

She was born in far 1916. She is 93 now. My great – grandma is short and slim with thick long plaint.

She was a peasant and worked in the collective farm. During the Second World War my granny ploughed, sowed, mowed, gathered grain and vegetables. Together with the other women she worked day and night.

After the war she worked in the hospital. My great-grandmother understands deeply what the word “war” means. She is very old and is very ill now.

She can’t get up but we love her and take care of her. My great – grandma has a nice, sense of humour, she doesn’t give up and even often cheers us up. She knows a lot of national Russian songs, proverbs, poems and

Catch-phrases. She lives long and happily. She is very old, but she feels Global-life.

She does not know languages but it was her dream.

My great-grand mummy likes when people make friends. She wants me to learn English and other languages. She wants me to make friends with the girls and boys of different countries and take an international exam.

I want to feel the Global Life as She does.

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Она держит руку на пульсе планеты – She Feels the Global Life