Стилистический анализ текста: Ring Lardner “Old Folks Christmas”

The text under stylistic analysis written by Ring Lardner. The author told us about the family, Tom and his wife Grace Carted and their two children Junior, nineteen years old and his sister Grace, seventeen years old. It was Christmas Eve.

Tom and Grace sitting in their living-room, sometimes reading, sometimes talking. Junior was in his first year in the university and Grace attending a boarding-school. These children changed their names, so Junior was now Ted and Grace was Caroline.

So Christmas vacation begins but Ted would be three days late owing to a special examination, Ring Lardner in this text use epithets when he describe Ted had arrived home. He was pale, shaky and heave-eyed. So the author used these epithets that showed us that he worried about these special examinations, because we can find in the text that this exams are terrific burden.

This epithet means that it;s really rather difficult examination for Ted.

So these parents were very frustrated,

because it was Christmas Eve, the biggest and the best holiday in year, but they conceal their disappointment as author said with fair success. This stylistic device means that Tom and Grace were very frustrated but they have to be happy because it was a big holiday. So parents continue their preparation for the Christmas.

They bought an imposing lot of presents, this epithet means that was anusual presents, very good presents.

We can understand that it was very good presents because in the text there;s a simile “presents, costing as much as had been Tom;s father;s annual income year ago”. So it was the first Christmas with so a lot of gifts.

So this family has really a lot of different rich gifts.

Now Carter were very rich, the author described the New Year tree – it was elaborately decked tree. These were a lot of presents different shape, weight and size.

Thus we can understand that this family has a lot of luxuries. So, to my mind, the idea of the text is do show that you can have a lot of money, but the most important thing for every person is to be with your family.

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Стилистический анализ текста: Ring Lardner “Old Folks Christmas”