Университеты будущего – Universities of the future

The world is rapidly changing and nothing remains stable for a long time. The same is true for colleges. They will definitely be different in 2025.

Can you imagine a small town with libraries, theatres, shops and supermarkets and various other amenities? This is how a university campus will look like. You’ll be able to find almost everything on its territory.

You’ll keep getting lost for the first time, but after getting a map the problem will be solved.

There won’t be any problems with accomodation for students. Everyone will like in youth hostels and halls of residence to avoid commuting problems as well as problems with money. Besides while living on the territory of the university students won’t be distructed by outside problems so they’ll be totally devoted to their

Studies and student life.

As for the education, it’ll be absolutely free and highly talanted and gifted students will get scholarships for their outstanding results. But there will be great problems for applicants to enter a university due to strict entrance exams anв few available places.

But those, who won’t be able to enter a university, will have an opportunity to study via the Internet. They’ll have a chance to attand lectures, tutorials ans seminars using webcams. Besides, students will be able to get education at several universities at the same time with the help of the Internet.

E-books will be also of the great use.

Though the education won’t be available to almost everyone, it will be easier to get. During the digital era it will be totally based on the access

To the Internet and Internet resourses. So this ishow I imagine colleges of the future.

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Университеты будущего – Universities of the future