Theatres in London

Many of the shows which go on the West End are light comedies, Z”fzj/. but some theatres put on more serious plays. One of England’s leading companies is the Royal Shakespeare Company, There they put on new and old plays, and some Shakespearian plays. The National Theatre is also one of London’s most famous theatres. The building is modern, and the plays are classics and new productions. As you have read, the theatres are mainly concentrated in London.

Outside London, large towns have theatres too. Plays are performed there either before opening in London or after they have been shown in the capital.

Covent Garden

The Royal Opera House, or Covent Garden as it is usually known, stands not far from one of the most famous of London streets, the Strand, and you ought to go there at least once during the season if you can. A visitor of London is always surprised when he sees the Opera house standing almost inside the flower and vegetable market which gives a distinct smell to the whole quarter.

Now Co vent Garden is one of the few well – known opera houses open for eleven months of the year and it employs over 600 people both of the Opera Company and the Royal Ballet. At the Royal Opera House you get the best of everything – a first – rate orchestra, famous conductors and singers. But, of course, if you are not fond of music, this won’t interest you.

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Theatres in London