Trying to Speak English

Juan was a Spanish student. He wanted to go to Britain where he could speak English with real English people. His sister’s husband was an Englishman, and they lived in England.

When Juan wrote to her, she invited him to stay with her. She met him at the airport in her car and, of course, spoke Spanish all the time. “Never mind”, he thought, “the husband speaks English…”

But this Englishman spoke Spanish, too. Juan’s sister had only Spanish friends and Juan did not speak a word of English while he was staying with her.

One morning Juan saw the postman and was very glad to see him. He quickly opened the door and said, “Good morning”. The postman said “Good morning” and walked away. At last Juan’s big day came. One of his sister’s friends was going to have a party and invited Juan to it. “Now I shall meet real English people and speak English with them”, he thought.

When the party began, a girl came up to him and said, “How nice that you are Spanish. I can practise on you. I am having a Spanish examination soon”. And in Spanish she invited him to dance.

From that moment Juan stopped trying to speak English. “I must go to another town to speak English”, he said to himself.

Out of the options given below choose the correct one to bring about the main ideas of the text.

1. Juan wanted to go to Britain to…

C) a Finn. c) didn ‘t speak at all. c) postman. see the sightseeings. have a practice in language. see relatives. 2. His sister was… an Englishwoman. a Spaniard.

While Juan was at their home he…

spoke only English. spoke his native language.

The only practice for Juan was his talk with a…

doctor. student. oj witn nis sister. soon at the examination.

Juan hoped, to. speak English,

visiting anoiner town.

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Trying to Speak English