The Story of the Bronte

Bramwell, the boy, was good at writing poetry. But he died at the age of 31. Anne, who wrote poetry and two novels, died at 29.

Emily, who became world famous as the author of “Wuthering Heights”, died a year after the book was published in 1847.

Charlotte, the author of the wonderful novel “Jane Eyre”, was the only one strong enough to go out into the world and live her own life for a while. But even she died at the early age of 39.

It was nearly impossible to believe that these wonderful books were written by young woman who had not seen anything of the world except the life of their own family. Nobody knew that the Bronte children had learned to write stories while they were playing. They didn’t like to play noisy games. The game they liked best of all was writing little stories of their own.

All this was only found out in 1930 by an American university librarian who studied some of the toys and hand-written little books were found in the house where the Bronte family had lived.

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The Story of the Bronte