Что такое дружба и лучший друг? – What is that a friendship and the best friend?

What is that friendship? I ask myself this question tome and again.

Many people don’t know is that friendship and they find those who they meet, study and work their friendship it’s classmates and colleagues. They are mistaken. It is not friendship. It’s ordinary contact.

But what are that friendship and the best friend, as a matter of fact?

Let’s reason.

Friendship is relations and contact of two persons. Why do I tell you about two persons? Because I think three ones is unnecessary.

The best friend is person who is pleasant me and I enjoy benear with this person. Also the best friend is person who helps me of the difficult moments and situations.

But there are people who associate with other people because they want to receive a profit of these


Example, when they need help when they want to complain or to weep, when they have some trouble and problems.

Consequently they make use of them.

Them they don’t with these people associate.

Real friends are together always of the any situations. They should to understand each other and I consider that it doesn’t matter they have the same interests or haven’t them. I have already mentioned it earlier that three persons aren’t friendly.

But they are friendly very seldom.

The disagreements and quarrels happen very often and even are always.

Imagine, a situation three persons are friendly the first one pulls after himself. The second one drags offer himself and the thirdmust to break between his friends.

If he is with the first friends, another

Friend offended if he is with the second friend, the first friend is offended, but I personally collided with such situations very much. Good nothing don’t came out parted with my old friends. I consider I burned myself this “friendship” I’m not going to tread or the same rake more.

Now, I have my real friend yet. We understand each other very well and I hope that nobody don’t never part us.

A friendship is on important of human life. A good friendship nobody don’t destroy.

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Что такое дружба и лучший друг? – What is that a friendship and the best friend?