Хороший лидер – A good leader

I did some research to find who good leader was. I asked about 20 people from different ages and statuses. A good leader should be:

1. A punctual person, who uses their and others people”s time rationally and effectively because time is the most important resource nowadays, as everybody knows, “time is money”.

2. A good listener, who listens to people with full attention and tries to understand what they want to say.

3. A good organizer, who can organize his or her team and make an environment where everyonerationally and effectively feels respected and every team member feels that he or she is a big part of the team.

4. A good motivator, who has the ability to motivate positively and makes people want to study and work well. And if a leader is wrong about something he or she will not be offended because the leader will learn from his or her mistakes.

5. An intelligent person, who knows a lot of thing and is a good reader because, “today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”

6. A good communicator because communication is important since if communication is bad the people will not understand the task and the work will not be done properly

Are you agree with that or not? But I believe most of those characteristics work.

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Хороший лидер – A good leader