Nowadays TV

Nowadays TV has become a great part of our live. Many people all over the world come home after work or school and first they do is turning their TV sets on. Is it bad or good?

Lets discuss some advantages and disadvantages of TV.

On the one hand television is doing a lot of harm. We begin to forget how to occupy our spare time. All our free time is given to TV. That’s why the time id largely wasted.

Many people no longer read books, however it is the key to all higher study. And of course television may lead to poor health through rushed meals, lack of sleep, lack of exercise.

But on the other hand, we mustn’t forget what a great amount of information we get! I think we must watch TV to be a well informed. It gives wonderful possibilities for education and opportunities to see the best actors and performances, to hear the latest news, to listen to political discussions and different concerts. Besides there is a considerable variety of programs.

Television helps us to relax after a hard days work.

So we should watch TV but moderately because in spite of its advantages

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Nowadays TV